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16 December 2020 – Konsomatris (Hostess) is now online! Click here!

17 October 2020 – The opening ceremony of the 17th Alicante International Film Festival was livestreamed. Take a look at the films competing in the Mediterranean competition, at exactly 37:10 for a short glimpse at Konsomatris (Hostess). Click here!

26 August 2020 – Konsomatris (Hostess) will have its first screening on 19th October as part of the 17th Alicante International Film Festival in Spain. The screening will take place at Kinepolis Alicante (CC Plaza Mar 2) at 18:00 alongside other films competing in the Mediterranean competition! Click here to see all the films in competition!.

10 April 2020 – A detailed Q&A about the ideas and themes behind our new short film ‘Konsomatris’ in Cyprus today. To read, click here.

8 April 2020 –  Our first festival selection comes from the Alicante Film Festival in Spain! Originally scheduled for May, the festival will now be taking place in October 2020. Read the press release from the festival here. Excited!

5 March 2020 – Another great article in Cypriot newspaper Yeniduzen today, highlighting the film and the work of our Art Director. To read, click here.

17 February 2020 – Had an enjoyable chat with Denise Phillips today on Bayrak Int. FM 105 about ‘Konsomatris’. Straight after, I had the opportunity to talk further about the film on Cypriot TV channel BRT-2! Many thanks to Can Gazi for arranging this! To watch, click here.

23 January 2020 – The first of a series of newspaper articles about ‘Konsomatris’ comes out in Cyprus. To read, click here.


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6 December 2019 All done! We are hoping to screen the film next year in festivals around Europe – watch this space!

26 September 2019 We welcome onboard Brendan Smith who will be doing the colour grading for our new short ‘Konsomatris’. The post-production phase is nearing its end!

17 July 2019 We welcome onboard Colin Chipchase who will be the Sound Designer for our new short. Alasdair and I have both worked with Colin on numerous occasions and we can’t wait to start this new collaboration!

30 June 2019 Currently at just over 10 minutes including credits, we are now very close on a picture lock on the new short!

17 March 2019 The first rough cut is complete with a running time of approximately 13 minutes. Exciting!

1 March 2019 –  It’s a wrap! Thanks to a great cast and crew who came to together to collaborate on a short film we can all be proud of! A special thanks to our amazing Cinematographer Andrew O’Connor, who went over and beyond to create the visual look we had in our minds! And another special thanks to our main lead Nehir Karaaslan, who impressed us every step of the way, from his initial audition to the last shot of the film.

22 February 2019 –  Production begins on the new short film written and to be directed by myself and Alasdair Bayne!


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8 November 2018 –  Production dates set for new short film! February 2019 – Here we go!

2 July 2018 –  Two more rounds of prep trips to Cyprus out of the way! Cast sorted, locations identified, excitement building! Now awaiting a production date!

13 February 2018 –  After spending 10 days with potential cast members and location scouting, have never been more positive! Fingers crossed for an October start!

27 January 2018 – So glad that my new short film script is ready! Co-written with Alasdair Bayne, we hope to start production later in the year once again in Cyprus!


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24 October 2017 – ‘Weekend’ will be screened on television in Cyprus next month on 21 November! PIK-2 (CyBC) – 22:50 (20:50 UK time).

27 July 2017 – ‘Weekend’ will be screened at the May Fair Theatre in London on 1st October, as part of Cyprus Short Film Day. Details on the screening and Q&A to follow!

19 July 2017 – In collaboration with Eurochannel USA, ‘Weekend’ will be part of its 9th Short Films Tour and air in multiple countries on 15 September 2017. Thank you Eurochannel for this opportunity!

6 May 2017 – Another journey comes to an end! The full version of my short film ‘Haftasonu (Weekend’) is now online. The film can be watched on Facebook and Vimeo. Click away!

15 March 2017 – ‘Weekend’ will be screened on 22 March at the University of Nicosia, with other shorts from Cyprus that participated in the national competition section of ISFFC’s 6th edition. Screenings start at 21.00 and will be followed by a wine reception.

9 February 2017 – Until now, I never had the opportunity to see an idea of mine become a screenplay in the hands of another person. It’s very exciting indeed! Watch this space!


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13 December 2016 – ‘Haftasonu’ will be screened alongside all award-winning films of the most recent International Short Film Festival of Cyprus! The Market of the Old Town Hall of Nicosia in Cyprus will host this special event on 21 December 2016 from 6pm.

21 October 2016 – Great news! The main actor Izel Seylani in my film ‘Haftasonu’ has been awarded for his acting performance at the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus!

15 October 2016 – The 14th Mediterranean Short Film Festival of Tangier came to an end today; it was an amazing experience where I got the chance to meet many talented filmmakers and watch a diverse range of quality films! The memories won’t be forgotten! Click here to see some images from the festival.

15 August 2016 – ‘Haftasonu’ has been selected to be screened at the FerFilm International Film Festival in Kosovo. The festival will be taking place between 2-6 September 2016. Click here for more details on the festival.

11 August 2016 – ‘Brother’ has been accepted at the 13th Reykjavík International Film Festival! Congrats to my buddy and colleague Alasdair Bayne! The film will be screened as part of the ‘Icelandic Short Documentaries’ section of the festival, which will take place between 29 September – 9 October 2016. Read more about the festival here.

2 August 2016 – ‘Haftasonu’ is going to Morocco! My film has been selected for the 14th Mediterranean Short Film Festival of Tangier, taking place between 10-15 October 2016! Click here for more details on the festival.

29 July 2016 – My film ‘Haftasonu’ has been selected for participation in the upcoming International Short Film Festival of Cyprus 2016! Congrats to the whole cast and crew! The festival will take place between 15-21 October 2016! Click here for more details on the festival.

15 July 2016 – ‘Brother’, a short documentary directed by my close friend Alasdair Bayne is nearly complete! I was able to be a part of this beautiful piece of filmmaking as the Assistant Editor. Click here for Alasdair’s official website.

2 May 2016 – Another project that has been gestating for a long time is a book inspired by the story of Haftasonu (Weekend). Written by my good friend and Cypriot artist Gurkan Gokasan and titled ‘Golgedeki Notlar’ (which translates to ‘Notes Beneath the Shadow’), this book will contain letters, poems and other writings. To be released in Cyprus in June 2016. Click here for more details.

29 April 2016 – We had an enjoyable chat with Denise Phillips today on Bayrak Int. FM 105 about my film ‘Weekend’.

23 April 2016 – Today I had the opportunity to talk about ‘Weekend’ on Cypriot TV channel BRT-2! Many thanks to presenter Can Gazi!

14 April 2016 – We had a great ‘Cast, Crew & Supporters’ screening of Haftasonu (Weekend)! It was great to hear the positive comments from everyone! Click here to see some photos from the event!

25 February 2016 – Haftasonu (Weekend) is complete and had its first preview screening! Thanks for everyone who came and supported us. Such a great feeling to see another project successfully screened. Check out some of the photos from the evening by clicking here!

22 January 2016 – The trailer for ‘Weekend’ is now online! Click here to watch the trailer on Vimeo!

21 January 2016 – The first preview screening for ‘Weekend’ will be happening on Thursday 25 February 2016 at 7pm at the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre in London!

20 January 2016 – The Facebook page for ‘Weekend’ goes live! Click here to link to like and share!


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15 November 2012 – Watch the flashmob video production I was a part of! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqEsSIvlbmU

15 November 2012 – ‘Leave’ can be watched right here, right now! https://vimeo.com/34506948

9 November 2012 – ‘Leave’ is screened at the Cornwall Film Festival! Probably the final one before the film goes online! http://www.cornwallfilmfestival.com/newcomers-short-films-1

6 November 2012 – I am part of the team today shooting a flashmob on the Southbank for the Greek Tourist Office! Cold but fun!

5 November 2012 – Read the article about ‘Leave’ in Unsung Films written very kindly by Sofia Paftounou! http://www.unsungfilms.com/7992/leave/

1 November 2012 – ‘Leave’ will go online on 15 November 2012! Links will follow!

26 October 2012 – I will be a guest on Cypriot television CYBC-2 and Pik SAT talking about my film ‘Leave’ this evening at 6pm. Joining me will be Georgia Christoforou, the composer on ‘Leave’.

22 October 2012 – ‘Leave’ is awarded ‘Special Mention for Best Short Film’ at the 7th Cyprus International Film Festival!

13 October 2012 – ‘landescapes’ (previously titled Home) is now complete! Directed by Damla Kirkali and produced by me, it tells the tale of young couple living in London trying to maintain their relationship amongst the pressure of their families, unemployment and alienation.

16 September 2012 – Watch ‘Bird’ at the Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival in the ‘Fictive Landscapes’ programme, 5pm on Friday 26th October in Hawick! www.alchemyfilmfestival.org.uk

12 September 2012 – Check out ‘Leave’ at the Cornwall Film Festival, 8-11 November! Details of when and where the film will be screened will be available on the Festival website from October 17th 2012. http://cornwallfilmfestival.com/

12 September 2012 – ‘Leave’ is screened for the Italian audience today in the ‘World in Short’ section at the Salento Int. Film Festival! http://www.salentofilmfestival.com/schedule.htm

7 September 2012 – ‘Bird’ has been nominated for Best UK Short at Raindance Film Festival! http://www.raindance.org/site/festival-nominations-2012

31 August 2012 – ‘Leave’ was screened at the Portobello Pop Up Cinema as part of the Portobello Film Festival!

13 August 2012 – Finally! A London screening for ‘Leave’ will take place on 31 August at the Portobello Pop Up Cinema, as part of the Portobello Film Festival! http://www.portobellofilmfestival.com/2012/aug31_pop.html

30 July 2012 – The screening date of ‘Leave’ at the 7th Cyprus International Film Festival has been moved forward, new date is 14 October!

30 July 2012 – ‘Leave’ will kick off the ‘The World in Short’ section of the Salento Int. Film Festival on September 12! Check out the full schedule: http://www.salentofilmfestival.com/schedule.htm

26 July 2012 – ‘Bird’ will be screened at the Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival in September! Congrats to Director Alasdair Bayne!

17 July 2012 – The screening date of ‘Leave’ at the 7th Cyprus International Film Festival has been announced as Saturday, 20 October! For more information: http://cyiff.cineartfestival.eu/

7 July 2012 – ‘Leave’ is selected for the Deep Fried Film Festival in Scotland! The Festival will take place between the 11th and 18th of August! For more information: http://www.deepfriedfilm.org.uk/

1 July 2012 – The Shqip International Short Film Festival took place between the 25th and 30th of June! I had a great time in Kosovo and met many new filmmakers, overall a grand experience! For more details of my trip, check out my latest blog entry: https://www.talatgokdemir.com/shqip/

23 June 2012 – This website goes live!

21 June 2012 – ‘Leave’ is selected for the Salento International Film Festival in Italy! The festival will take place from the 9th to the 15th of September, 2012. For more information: http://www.salentofilmfestival.com/

14 June 2012 ‘Balad al Thabab’, Kuwaiti singer Abdallah Al Rowaished’s music video is out alongside the Making Of video! Check them out at http://youtu.be/qm8kphDWHsw and http://youtu.be/PZ78c3Z-knc

8 June 2012 – ‘Leave’ is selected for the 7th Cyprus International Film Festival! The festival will take place from the 6th to the 22nd of October, 2012. For more information: http://cyiff.cineartfestival.eu/

31 May 2012 – I’ve watched the first rough cut of ‘Meztli’! First impression: Great stuff, can’t wait for the final version!

25 May 2012 – ‘Leave’ is screened at the Fastnet Short Film Festival in Cork, Ireland! For more information: www.facebook.com/fastnetshortfilmfestival

17-18 May 2012 – I was the Assistant Director on a two day shoot for Kuwaiti singer Abdallah Al Rowaished’s music video ‘Balad al Thabab’ ! Produced by Rotana Media Services, one of the largest media groups in the Middle East. Shot in London, Kent and Windsor. To be released mid June 2012.

16-26 May 2012 – ‘Mali’, a short drama I co-edited and which was directed by Elissa Ayoub, is screened at the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival! http://registration.cannescourtmetrage.com/filmfiche2.Aspx?id=55045531

5 May 2012 – ‘Leave’ is selected for the Shqip International Short Film Festival in Kosovo! The festival will take place from the 25th to the 30th of June, 2012.

14-16 April 2012 – ‘Meztli’ is succesfully shot over the course of three days in Mexico! Directed by Astrid Salas and Co-Produced by myself, ‘Meztli’ is an experimental short that blends the Mexican culture with elements of surrealism, fantasy and the moon. To be released mid August 2012.

31 March 2012 – I shoot the ‘Let’s Talk About Colour’ workshop organised by Mindfire! Check out the Mindfire Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MindfireLimited

31 March 2012 – ‘Leave’ is selected for the Fastnet Short Film Festival in Ireland! The Festival will take place from the 24th to the 27th of May, 2012. For more information: http://www.fastnetshortfilmfestival.com/

15 March 2012 – I was commissioned by Mindfire to film the Nordic Career Forum! The event was organised by the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish Chamber of Commerce’s and was filmed at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel. For further information about Mindfire: http://mindfire.co.uk/

7 March 2012 – ‘Leave’ was screened at the Ljubljana International Short Film Festival! For further information: http://lisff.blogspot.co.uk/

18 February 2012 – ‘Leave’, a short drama written and directed by myself, has been selected for the Ljubljana International Short Film Festival! The Festival will take place from the 5th to the 7th of March, 2012. For more information: http://lisff.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Program

10-11 February 2012 – ‘Bird’ is screened at the Glasgow Short Film Festival! I was the Executive Producer for the short drama which was directed by Alasdair Bayne. The film observes a young boy and a girl tackle the thin line between childhood and adolescence. For further information: http://www.glasgowfilm.org/festival/information/festivals_within_the_festivals/gsff

14-22 January 2012 – ‘Home(working title)’ is shot in 5 days! This short drama was directed by Damla Kirkali and produced by myself. It tells the story of a couple in cohabitation and their internal struggle to cope with both themselves and the outside world. To be be released Summer 2012.


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5 September 2013 – Mengu Turk, our actress in ‘landescapes’ has been awarded the Best Actress award in Kosovo at the Shqip International Short Film Festival!

4 September 2013 – Another screening of ‘Leave’, this time in Amsterdam! 19 September! http://www.la-mosca.com/

26 August 2013 – A screening of ‘Leave’ will take place on Wednesday 28 August 2013 at The Hideaway Bar, 114 Junction Road London, N19 5LB UK. Doors open 7pm, Films start 7:30pm. Entry is free!

25 July 2013 – Both ‘landescapes’ and ‘Meztli’ have been selected for the Shqip International Short Film Festival in Kosovo! After having a great experience there last year with ‘Leave’, having both films I produced selected again is great!

1 July 2013 – It’s a Wrap! Congrats to the cast and crew of ‘Kuyu’.

2 June 2013 – I’m a part of a short film which begins production today! The title of the film is ‘Kuyu’, which translates to ‘Well’. The production is taking place in Cyprus and I’m the AD! The film is directed by Ömer Yetkinel of InMotion Productions.

9 March 2013 – ‘landescapes’ will be screened at the Ankara Int. Film Festival on 20 March at 2pm!

1 March 2013 – Another film I produced in 2012 is now complete! ‘Meztli’, directed by Astrid Salas, is an experimental piece that I am really intrigued to share with festivals this year!

27 February 2013 – ‘landescapes’ has been selected for the Ankara International Film Festival in Turkey! The festival will take place between 14-24 March! http://www.filmfestankara.org.tr/?page=index

26 February 2013 – ‘landescapes’ screening tonight at Rio Cinema!

14 February 2013 – Congrats to Elissa Ayoub for getting accepted in to the European Independent Film Festival! I was also one of the editors on the film! http://www.ecufilmfestival.com/?page_id=17344&lang=en

12 February 2013 – Come and watch our short film ‘landescapes’ on Tuesday 26 February at Rio Cinema in Dalston! Starting at 18.30! http://www.ltff.co.uk/feature_films/landescapes.php

2 February 2013 – Had a great screening of ‘Leave’ at Vibe Gallery yesterday, wasn’t expecting a crowd of nearly 100 to turn up! Many thanks to Vibe Shorts!

1 February 2013 – ‘Bird’ will be shown in the Scottish part of the Travelling Film Festival Rennes! Congrats to Ali Bayne once again! http://www.clairobscur.info/Actualites-367-395-0-1.html

16 January 2013 – ‘landescapes’, produced by myself and directed by Damla Kirkali has received its first acceptance at a film festival! Our short film has been selected for the 18th London Turkish Film Festival which will take place between 21 February and 3 March! http://www.ltff.co.uk

10 January 2013 – ‘Leave’ will be screened in Bermondsey as part of the monthly indie short film night hosted by Vibe Gallery on 1 February! https://www.facebook.com/VibeShorts


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9-11 October 2014 – I had a chance to experience some tense pitching at the Baltic pitching forum and also saw some great shorts at the Vilnius International Short Film Festival.

5-9 October 2014 – I attended the InScript workshop “Too short to die”, which is a training workshop for writer and directors. The workshop took place in Druskininkai, Lithuania.

15 September 2014 – Another screening for ‘Leave’ at the Golden Island International Film Festival in Cyprus which will take place in November!

2 September 2014 – Have been selected to workshop my script ‘Haftasonu’ (Weekend) in Lithuania next month! Maybe, just maybe it will evolve in to a version which is actually shootable in Cyprus this time! http://www.inscript.lt/workshop/

5 August 2014 – During my trip to New York, I visited the Quickstop where ‘Clerks‘ was shot! And also managed to do some background extra work in Season 4 of Comic Book Men!

28 June 2014 – Completed the first draft of my new script ‘The Girl with Wings’! Such a great feeling to be working on a brand new story!


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10 December 2015 – We have picture lock on ‘Weekend’! Next step is colour correction and sound design!

17 October 2015 – A further five minutes chopped away. ‘Weekend’ is approaching!

20 September 2015 – So the real first cut is done and the film is just below 30 mins. A real joy to see it all come together finally.

18 July 2015 – First assembly of the film turns out to be 42 minutes! This will be a challenge indeed!

12 July 2015 – After 7 very long days, it’s a wrap on my film ‘Haftasonu’ (Weekend)! Thanks to an amazing and dedicated cast and crew!

5 June 2015 – So after months of writing and re-writing, the script I have been working on for 5 years is finally ready to become a reality! In a month we start shooting ‘Haftasonu’ (Weekend) in Cyprus!