31/12/2020 – What got most of us through the rotten 2020 was endless amount of film and tv content. Out of the countless things I watched this year, these are the ones that stuck with me the most!

My honourable mentions for 2020:

My Top-10:

NO 10 – SOUL: This isn’t as strong as something like Inside Out, however it definitely pushes the boundaries of what Pixar has done in the past. I loved all the very experimental and strange parts, and it came together to tell a funny, heartwarming and at times, very bizarre tale. Have no idea how this plays with the children though!

NO 9 – THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF: What happens when a painter gets in touch with a thief who has stolen her work, but can’t remember what he has done with them? The connection that forms between these two people is captivating to watch, and keeps on surprising until the very end.

NO 8 – COLLECTIVE: A slow burner of a documentary that shows the aftermath of a tragedy from the perspective of a journalist and a politician. The filmmakers had great access to showcase the unfolding corruption and it’s a fascinating insight into a society on the brink of emergency.

NO 7 – THE MOLE: UNDERCOVER IN NORTH KOREA: I had no idea what I was getting myself into before I clicked play on BBC iPlayer. What actually takes place throughout the 2 episodes is insane, mind boggling and just plain absurd! I didn’t know much about North Korea, but watching this, I realised I didn’t know anything at all! A must-watch.

NO 6 – DICK JOHNSON IS DEAD: Another absolute gem of a documentary, where a filmmaker decides to face the fear of her fathers illness and begins to stage different ways of his demise. A strange premise becomes one of the years most touching films. You will smile and cry, confusingly probably at the same time!

NO 5 – MOGUL MOWGLI: Similar to Sound of Metal mentioned above, this film also stars Riz Ahmed coming to terms with an illness that will change his way of life. I really liked how this film depicted the inner turmoil of ones struggle with family and heritage, and how that played out visually. A film with a big heart worth seeking out.

NO 4 – ROCKS: The last film I watched on this list, but what a film it was. The characters, the child actors, the filmmakers capturing the innocence of their world with such ease. I was fully engrossed! A magical film from start to end, which in ways, reminded me of The Florida Project. That’s high praise!

NO 3 – BOYS STATE: Aside from Covid-19, this year was also dominated by the US elections. Watching Boys State in advance of that was a real help to understand not only the structure of such an election, but the dynamics and mentality that drives this important event. Witnessing a fake version of it unfold from the perspective of teenage boys says a lot about the current state of the world. It’s also one hell of a documentary full of all the feels.

NO 2 – I MAY DESTROY YOU: I have already written separately about this amazing show – a unique, brave and significant piece of work that entertains as much as it does subtly educate. A real eye opener of what is possible on television.

NO 1 – LOVERS ROCK: From the comfort of my couch, I was transported to the most amazing house party, where the rhythm of the music took hold, hypnotising me until the credits start rolling. A film where a conventional story or narrative has no place; only the magic of cinema is a requirement, of which there is plenty. My favourite film of the year by far.