19/6/12 – A blog.. My own blog. A little diary for me to blabber and share my thoughts. I guess that’s what this is. Seeing as I’m a filmmaker, I guess most of the information here will be film making related. The personal touch is necessary for a healthy blog, both to keep myself and the reader interested. So every now and again, you will also witness me venting about everything that affects me. This could be my complaints about politics, sports, financial issues, friendships and enemies..

It took me a while to start working today, everything frustrated me – footsteps, voices, the failing fans of my laptop.. The cure was simple: Explosions in the Sky. They never fail to calm me down whilst rallying my concentration back to a suitable working level. Magic to the ears, does wonders to the soul.

So basically, welcome to my website. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, a simple template and adding and replacing text and images. There were plenty of tricky parts but in the end, it’s up and running since you are actually reading this, welcome again. Stay tuned!