31/12/2018 – According to my calculations, I watched 104 films and 14 seasons of various television series this year. Out of these, here are my best and worst ones that came out during 2018 in the UK.

First of all, my list of Runners up in no particular order. The first five are amazing documentaries which are thrilling, informative, and shocking; the other four range from a beautiful Palestinian father and son story to the most mainstream superhero film ever.

I also absolutely hated three films this year, the first of which I will never fathom how much praise it has received. They don’t even deserve a trailer hyperlink.

  • Annihilation
  • Downsizing
  • Erase & Forget (the perfect title haha)

So, time for my Top 10!

10- Coco: Pixar did it again, just in time to counteract all the racial hatred and instead embrace the love and humanity that all people can embody. You will laugh, you will sing and oh boy, you will cry.

9- American Animals: A very unique take on a true life story, where the narrative combines fictional and documentary elements to perfectly put together a mainstream piece of cinema. Exemplary work.

8- Eighth Grade: Every year, it seems there is one amazing high school film that shows the highs and lows of the growing up years. This film is that, but goes a step back into the secondary school years of the main character instead. Very funny, immensely touching, and also has one of the scariest scenes I’ve seen in a long time.

7- Of Fathers and Sons: Imagine spending years with an extremist family, documenting the family dynamic, watching kids being slowly engrossed in a dark, sinister world. And despite all that, seeing so many similarities with the day-to-day life of any family on this world. Eerie, and an essential watch.

6- Roma: One of those films that grows on you. It starts off very slowly, and continues with a constant but intentional pace. But with each frame, and with each left to right pan, scenes begin to create an absolute epic story of a family life, and the people in the background who are never given the spotlight. The film could’ve been overloaded with nostalgic sentimentality, but instead masterfully tells a very personal story with enough distance to create a gorgeous tale.

5- Evelyn: The film I cried the most whilst watching. The best documentary I’ve seen this year. So simple in nature, yet that’s where its beauty comes from. Effortlessly powerful. The most human film you will see this year.

4- Leave No Trace: The story of a father and daughter, both who trying to stay connected with each other and the world, yet constantly on the move. One of those films you know is great from the get-go. When a film masters the art of being subtle, yet being able to say so much, all is left is to lean back and enjoy the craft at work.

3- Better Call Saul Season 4: Still for me the best television series out there. The attention to detail in each frame, and the creation of such an atmospheric soundscape continues to mesmerise me each year.

2- Blindspotting: This film absolutely took me by surprise. I could easily write a whole piece on the subtext of each scene, how every line of dialogue and action has a meaningful pay off, how the film can change its tone so expertly from comedy to dark drama… It’s the film I have rewatched the most on this list. The best script of the year by far, with one of my favourite film scenes EVER. You will know which scene I mean when it happens. Breathtaking.

1- The Square: And at number one, we have the funniest film of the year. And the film isn’t even a comedy. It’s a film you can’t fit into any genre, it contains everything about the absurdity of life, people, situations, but does it in such a fresh way, you can’t help but sit in wonder and astonishment as the whole thing bombards you with greatness. I loved, and adored this film. It’s strange and peculiar, and ever so crazy. Definitely not everyones cup of tea, but it was mine.