31/7/12 – No way its just me feeling this, trailers are getting out of hand. First its the latest trend of teasing the teaser trailer, then its the inevitable teaser trailer which flashes so many images in a short span of time that our brain synapses fry and by the time we get to the mega trailer which last approximately 2:10 to 2:30, we have given our heart, soul, our whole entity to this ‘product’. Hollywood knows how to sell their shit but is the consumer getting any clever? Are we gonna keep being fooled by false marketing, bombastic music and clever editing?

Interestingly the last film I watched which had a really poor marketing campaign with some loathsome trailers actually turned out to be a decent enough watch. Yes, I’m talking about John Carter. It may have ‘bombed’ but putting aside all the negative hype, it was fairly watchable. For every John Carter, there is a Spiderman-3, King Kong, Crystal Skull, Da Vinci Code, Wolverine, Prometheus and the latest addition Dark Knight Rises. What do all have in common?

A damn exciting, epic trailer! “This can’t be bad, look at it?”, “Okay, the previous one was poor but this one is gonna be really worth the wait!”, BLA BLA BLA. No! They will suck! At first I thought it was about the expectation and how it rises and rises and nothing could actually fulfill it but no, it is actually the very opposite. These films are bad and to cover up the utter crudeness of the end product, they practically brainwash you until the very truth is hidden in blind sight. It’s all about marketing and Hollywood does it very well. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy managed to utilise this during its marketing and had this very amusing trailer to go along with it. One of the better adaptations from book to film in my opinion.

So looking ahead to the rest of 2012, there are some ‘exciting’ trailers out there. The first Hobbit film (of three now, for some reason) (reason=$$$$$$) or the new Bond film, Skyfall. I remember seeing the teaser for Quantum of Solace and was so looking forward to it after the delight that was Casino Royale. We all know how that turned out..

Check out the new trailer for Cloud Atlas, it looks amazing right?! Right? No. It looks utter shit and it’s nearly six(6) minutes long! Madness..